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Wotofo Warrior RDA


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Regular Price: $60.39

Special Price $21.69


The Wotofo Warrior RDA was designed in collaboration with the incredible coil builders known as JMT Elite. The Warrior RDA features a two post clamp-style build deck with four screws that is optimized for a wide variety of coil builds. While the Warrior RDA is optimized for dual coil configurations; a single coil adapter is also included for single coil configurations. The Warrior RDA features a deep juice well and a domed top cap for enhanced flavor. The Warrior RDA features beehive style airflow inlets that may be adjusted using the top cap. The Warrior RDA is squonk ready and features a pre-installed bottom feeding squonker pin for squonk/bottom feeding mods.


1. Delicate and tight RDA with smooth, glossy surface
2. Designed by Wotofo and expert team JMT Elite(led by John Dickerson) in vape coils
3. Domed top cap to compress air for enhanced flavor
4. Beehive style air inlets to ensure soft, even and accurately controllable airflow
5. Clamp-style two-posts deck for single/dual coils


Color:SS, Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Gold, Rainbow
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: 33mm
Diameter: 25mm
Atomizer Type: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
Deck: Clamp-style two-posts build deck
Connection Type: 510 thread


1 x Wotofo Warrior RDA
1 x Spare 810 Drip Tip
1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1 x Single Coil Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Bag Coils
1 x Bag Japanese Cotton
1 x Bag Extra O-rings


Customer Reviews

nice rda, and high quality Review by Gábor
nice rda, and high quality, great flavour (Posted on 9/27/2018)
great rda with great flavor and quality Review by Mikhail Velikanov
Gripka Warrior was created by Wotofo in collaboration with colbuilder, though, it's weird. Gripka created by colbuilder, but it is not quite convenient to install the coils. Weird, weird. Apparently, from kalbergenov it is only the logo and options.

However, it, nevertheless, turned out pretty good, the main tasty, but, as usual, not without problems and shoals of developers. Hello to the corporate identity of Wotofo.

Let's start, as always with the box and configuration.

Equipment this time we have a rich, but has some disadvantages.

Box with a transparent window, I do not like, after unpacking them is not very convenient to use, on the faces of which are only logos. That's weird, the name as it forgot to write. Although there is no, wrote, but only on the back side. It says the equipment, the manufacturer, some warnings, logos, certifications, recycling symbols and constraint icons.

In the box separately lie the dome of drimki with one of gription, additional tiptip, adapter 510 connector. Having an adapter is already nice.

Under the top inseam we find many different bags and the manual...There's pretty mediocre, thank you for not blue, Phillips screwdriver,

Two bundles of cotton wool in the form of a shoelace, three author, JMT Elite colica, pouch with spare parts, the usual pin and adapter on a single spiral.

With a complete set it is necessary in more detail especially as one of points, probably, assumed the separate review, namely strange short laces for boots which they call cotton wool.

They sent me two beautiful boxes of them. Each box contains as many as 10 pieces of these laces...Great boxes. Send more. I could use them on the farm.

But to buy boxes at a price of $3 apiece (Fast) as it is expensive, and cotton wool for the money, just crazy. Anyway, Even at 3 mm of wool arises for me is too tight, the thickness is not reduced after removing the insulation, and lacking such a piece in a single spiral, I saw the options for long wool, or even bilateral, where as it is easier.

But the very normal wool. But still... For that kind of money.

But 2 pieces, one set ... Well, it's ... Kind of... and then what?

Kolici, this is our Juggernaut, i.e. two Clapton from 0.4 0.12 wire winding wrapped flat nichrome 0.1x0.4 mm. And all this should be 0.28 Ohms on the coils. I'll install them and see what kind of beetle.

However, after installation, I got a resistance of 0.38 Ohms on one spiral, which is consistent with the calculation. See... the Chinese are typos do too.
Also in the special stages is a plug on one spiral. It is, of course, right and good.

Moreover, gripka openly under squonk and even the pin is initially swankivy, however, do or on a single spiral, or two spirals.ilushka ceramic with the oring at the bottom for a snug installation.

That's what's missing in the extras, so it's transparent oring pairs, which are placed on the Central pin and screw minus the rack.

The kit includes a basic preset black DOC Style 810 drip type, and you know, I like it more than acrylic. What is there that is hammered, not quite true, the Delrin is very slippery material, to him, nothing really sticks, and the bevels at the slab flat enough.

The second (and judging by the photos on the website) is a two-color acrylic 810 drip in the color of the body of the drip. Gold is tiptip transparent glittery (glitter is so hard inclusions in the varnish, or in this case, plastic). It doesn't look bad either.ipadit gripka great, but... of Course, a smooth dome, that is good and beautiful, but it serves to adjust the airflow, and to remove it is sometimes desirable, and this is pretty sad. To be captured definitely e for what, also an internal bevel... would Make that whether, what that crests, as on the Roman helmet, or at least some engraving, and that would be easier to live.

And in the case of black, the problem is not so pronounced, the paint provides a slightly better friction than the Golden coating, but still.

However, the Orings are well chosen, and, in principle, if you remove the dome and insert it back, then after that it turns pretty passable.

True to his remove, you have to push from the bottom.

And if we talk about the dome.It consists of a cover and skirt with perforated airflow holes.

Cover their petals overlaps the grid. The solution is quite traditional, a feature here is, perhaps, a hole airflow.

The internal treatment of the dome is conical. On black kipke clearly visible iridescence left after painting. The skirt has stoppers for fixing on the base, which is quite nice.

On top of the dome there is an o-ring under 810 without o-ring connector, and a fixing o-ring recessed into the groove.Base Skvorcova frankly, shallow. With clamping plates that are pressed against the top by a pair of screws. With such a base I have encountered in the Guillotine from Wismec. But there are significant differences. Have Vimeca plate was cleaned into the rack and clearance for the installation is already noticeable. Additionally, the plate and base have Vimeca straight. The result is to shove the spiral not turning base was nothing.

Watoto plates are beveled, even rounded, the base is also beveled, so insert the wire lifts the plate and everything falls without a coup.

Screws on the basis of hybrid, under the cross and slotted screwdriver. I didn't have any problems with them.Well, it is worth mentioning one of the features of this dripka, which emphasizes Wotofo-entirely painted base base, and painted as it is tricky, not oblezayuschee…

The base is disassembled, the plus stand is fixed with a pin, the minus one-with a screw. Under the positive rack, it is clear, there is an insulator. And, damn, not just PEEK insulator, but German PEEK insulator. It's probably much better than the Chinese one made in the same factory.

A rather strange solution is the insulator placed between the pillars. It is more like ceramics and has on the one hand a ledge to howl in a groove in one of the racks and not fall out.

I long could not understand that there is a shaking in the fully twisted gripka... the Screws are clamped, clamps, too, and it is shaking. That's right. That's the isolation ward.

And I remembered one extremely popular obzorschik one of the drawbacks seems to be the Guillotine has indicated the lack of such a facility. Apparently he does not know that the air does not conduct electricity, and if it holds, it is very low.About features of installation of a spiral I told a little above.

In such cases, when the spiral and legs dangle in the racks and they need to be combined and put exactly both spirals at the same time, and not one, I usually spavlyu spirals close to the racks, where they can be easily aligned and properly expose the legs, through one and clamp the screws. Then, slightly loosen the screws and slowly pull the spiral to the required tightening them around the mandrel, it is better to do accompanied by burning.

Do not forget about one factor concerning this dripka. The size of the dome is determined not by the skirt, but by the petals of the inner top cover. So if you are too pridvinie spiral to a blowout focusing on the skirt, the overlapping of the airflow can close the spiral petals. Be careful. It is better to close the airflow and check whether the cover is short.

Well, in the photos I will show the installation of one spiral, because these photos are not so important, and I have a shortage of spirals.ybody will be somewhat unexpected and a bit inconsistent with what I wrote above.

Wotofo still managed to make a successful drip.

Yes. Dripka successful, despite all the shortcomings, which is quite easy to get used to and adapt.

You need to understand that gripka is intended primarily for skvorcov and dvuhserijnyj skvorcov. Reducing the camera to one spiral, of course, is also an output, but somewhat not modern. And gripka designed for powerful spirals. This should also be kept in mind.

The complete package, very high quality.
(Posted on 9/23/2018)
Very nice. Review by Bobra
Lots of room to build and great flavour. (Posted on 9/20/2018)
5/5 Review by TASOS
great rda with great flavor and quality (Posted on 8/16/2018)

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