The National reports that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considering the decriminalization of vapor products and vaping, a much needed legal reform for smokers in the country.

The possibility for legal reforms on vaping in the UAE falls under the auspices of the country’s health watchdog Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology According to Lana Gamal El Din, director of corporate affairs for US tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International:

“We believe that Esma is seriously considering how to best regulate all novel tobacco products to ensure product safety and the highest quality. At PMI we support all forms of transparent collaboration with authorities, Esma included, and we abide by national requirements in any given country. The UAE is an important market for us, and we hope to provide the product here under the adequate regulatory framework.”

This would be a huge benefit to smokers in the country, finally opening a gateway away from the deadly addiction to tobacco smoke and to a less harmful alternative in the form of vapor and heat-not-burn nicotine delivery technologies. And while there are always forces in any country, generally operating under the guise of benevolent health organizations, which either covertly or overtly prefer to see tobacco addiction continue in order to justify their cause, rational parties who actually are focused on public health are certain to praise the UAE’s steps in this matter as genuine progress toward a brighter, healthier future for the people of their country.