2018 Best RDA and RTA 

Many vapers prize their RDAs for their exemplary flavor, and feel they excel in this category over other types of atomizers. Certainly, they are the easiest style of atomizer to wick. A quick rinse off much fewer parts than tank style atomizers, and it is ready for re-wicking. RDAs do not have wick channels, so they do not require the sometimes delicate balancing of wick tails between flooding and dry hits like an RTA does. Nothing beats an RDA for trying new e-liquids. A few drops of juice lets a vaper know whether that new bottle of e-liquid will stay or be passed on to a friend (or enemy). Additionally, RDAs allow for trying several e-juice quickly.

If you want a little primer course on what an RDA is and what an RDA vape is about, see our article here. Our Best RDA list will be for RDAs that are accessible, of reliable performance and quality manufacturing. Whether inexpensive or high-end, we will only vouch for quality RDAs.

1. The Wotofo Recurve RDA

Dean the Devil Vaper is a tough taskmaster especially when it comes to RDAs so to see him score the Wotofo Recurve RDA and Mike Vapes collaboration so highly should make you all sit up and listen!
He loved the individual look of this and especially the half pipe deck design that is easy to build on. However it was the amount of clean flavour he was getting that impressed him the most as he said in his review, for him, it is one of the best RDA’s for flavour he has used:

"Perfect in more ways than one and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new flavour orientated RDA!"

High praise indeed and definitely a flavour chasing RDA to consider adding to your armoury.

2. Digiflavor Aura RDA

A joint project between Digiflavour and Daniel from DJLSB Vapes this has had reviewers and vapers enjoying superb clouds and flavour since its release in late summer. It’s a good looking RDA with an easy build stepped clamp style deck and a unique airflow which our reviewer Laura-ann couldn’t praise highly enough calling it a "must have RDA":

"DJLSB Vapes and Digiflavor did what they set out to do, create a flavor chasing RDA with innovative airflow and an almost leak free system."

3. Advken Manta RTA

A recent release and so close to getting full marks from Kevin Jeffrey the Worthing Vaper scoring 4.9 out of 5! The only let down appeared to be the ease of use – in this case the airflow was maybe a little too airy for Kevin and wicking can be a tad tedious! OK it ’s a simple velocity style deck and certainly a looker that’s been on my radar since I first saw it released. However there’s no doubt that this is a flavour chasers RTA that also delivers decent cloud production. Kevin said:

"The Manta RTA by Advken is a beautiful looking tank that is easy to coil and feels great in the hand. It vape’s very well at medium to higher wattages with good flavour, if you like an airy draw then this might be the rda for you."

4. Digiflavour Themis RTA

A stunning RTA (albeit on the big side), the Themis offers both single and dual coil builds. We found the flavour in the single coil mode to be just OK but popping a dual coil build in there and the flavour seriously comes to life.The Themis offers the ability to pull deck out through the base of the tank so no juice emptying when changing the coil or re-wicking. It also gives us an easy top fill mechanism. Here is a little snippet of what our reviewer Kevin Jeffrey was blown away by the flavour this little cutie gave:

"The Digiflavor Themis RTA is most definitely guilty of giving off great flavour and it would be criminal for you to not free this one from your favourite vape shop cupboard."


It’s not often you can surprise our reviewer Kevin the Worthing Vaper but this RTA certainly did! Apparently he’s had some up and down experiences with iJoy gear but ever the professional he went into the review with an open mind.
His verdict? He gave the iJoy EXO RTA 4.9 out of 5 with max points for the cloud production and flavour – so yet another all-rounder to consider!
Kevin summed it up:

"Great flavour. Wonderful vapour production."