Hi friends,

It is a long time that I don’t write something about the items, actually, compared to other professional reviewers, my articles so suck, but anyway, I just want to share some good products or good idea with you guys, hope you guys will like me, and efun.top!


Today, I will tell you some secrets about Smok item, or how to say, it is a common point about Smok products. If you pay attention, you will find that Smok factory is keen on recombining some old tanks and mod, and it becomes a new kit. In all of tanks, the series of TFV8 X-Baby is hot choice for factories.

And then, you should know, it is funny that Smok really likes to make two versions--EU version and Standard version, but subtle difference is in capacity.


Now, please look the two Smok products, please tell me the difference you have found:

SMOK Majesty Kit  consists of a new Majesty box mod with a TFV8 X-Baby tank. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, Majesty fires up to a maximum output of 225W. SMOK presents two editions of carbon fiber and resin for your selection. The updated user interface provides an easy way for operation.

Learn more about the two editions, please check>>SMOK Majesty Kit 

Do you like color? If so, you will like this smok item. SMOK ProColor Kit  comes with a ProColor TC MOD and a TFV8 Big Baby tank. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, ProColor TC MOD reaches a maximum output power of 225 watts. The newly-designed shield-shaped display provides a functional interface to you. This item also has two editions.

If you have more views about Smok products, could you please share with us?