Our affiliate program has been online for 3 years. Thank you for bring us huge amount of new customers.

Since our website has a new version, we updated our affiliate program, too. And we update all your affiliate commission balance to the latest one.  

All new affiliate will get 6% commission per order.

Affiliates who get over $300 in total commission can be upgraded to Senior Affiliate and get 7% commission per order.

Affiliates who get over $800 in total commission can be upgraded to Top Affiliate and get 8% commission per order.

Affiliates who get over $2000 in total commission can be upgraded to Super Affiliate and get 10% commission per order.

The lowest withdraw amount is $30 now.

If you set it automatically withdraw, we will change it from weekly into monthly to reduce our finance work. (20th of Every Month)

Once the affiliate referral order is complete(after we ship the product), your commission will just hold for 1 day instead of  20 days before.

*If the affiliate referral order is REFUND OR CHARGE BACK, the commission will reduce from the balance automatically.

*Operation on Affiliate Program is desktop only at the moment.

*You CAN NOT get affiliate commission of your own order.

*Shipping Fee and discount amount will not count in the commission.

*Due to the very low price of WHOLESALE order, we will half your commission if it's a wholesale order.

If you are not our affiliate but you own a website, blog, youtube channel ,Facebook, Instagram or even some of vape friends, you could join our affiliate program to earn some extra money.

Here are some guide for new affiliate:

1. To become our affiliate you must have a customer account first, click "log in" on the top of every page. If you already have a account, just log in and go to Step4.

Efun.top affiliate guide step 1

2. Click "Create an account"

Efun.top affiliate guide step 2

3. Fill in the forms and Click "Submit"

Efun.top affiliate guide step 3

4.  After you log in your account, click "My Affiliate Account" on the left.

Efun.top affiliate guide step 4

5.  Sign up and set up your affiliate account and click "Save"

Efun.top affiliate guide step 5

6. You can check your account information and change it any time.

Efun.top affiliate guide step 6

7. Find your tracking code at "my invitations", and you could add the "?mw_aref=xxxxx" code behind any url of our website pages and then spread~ So easy. Start to earn some money right now!

Efun.top affiliate guide step 7