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(Pre-order) YiHi SX475J Chipset

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YiHi SX475J Chipset

Yihi SX475 is a new ultra-thin and mini intelligent chip. Joystick control makes products more convenient and humane. Single battery 75W with DC-DC, buck-boost technology, efficiency is 92%. It supports Micro USB onboard charging single battery 1A.


* Fire Method: One regular fire button
* Adjust Wattage/Temperature: Joystick Control(Yihi patent, Left, Right, Up, Down and Push down)
* Rotary Display: No
* App controlled bluetooth: No
* Software Upgrade/GUI operates: Yes(YIHI SXI Driver & Upgrade Software)
* Intelligent taste control system: Yes(Onboard control)
* Taste Style: Yes eco/soft/standard/powerfull/powereful+
Setting TCR: Yes(Accurate to 0.0001)
* Support all TC wire: Yes(Stainless Steel/Titanium/Nickel ect. all TC wires)
* Preset: Yes M1 to M5
* Temperature Control: Yes
* Charging for Mobile Phone: No
* Customize Logo: No
* Protection: Reverse polarity/ Output short/Low resistance/Battery low voltage/Temperature overheat protection


Size: L58 x W18 x H11mm
Efficiency: 92%
Output Power: 75W
Display : 0.91 Inch OLED display
Charging: Micro USB 5V/1A
Control System: I Joystick Control
Battery: Single battery 75W(Not included)


1* YiHi SX475J Chipset