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[US Warehouse] Vfun Disposable Vape

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[US Warehouse] Vfun Disposable Vape

Vfun Disposable Vape features a flashing LED light for every puff, a soft, food-grade rubber mouthpiece, and comes in a variety of exotic flavors!

Note: This item only ships to the United States!

Features & Parameters:

Size: 113.7mm x 19.3mm
550mAh internal battery
3ml pre-filled pod
Coil Resistance: 1ohm
5% nic salt
800 puffs
Light flashes for 10 seconds after each puff!


Custard Tobacco: It's a savory, dessert-flavored treat! It's as if someone said, "You know what I need after this custard dessert? A nice cigarette."
Banana Ice: If monkeys liked menthol, (who knows? Ask science. They might love it.) then this fruity, menthol mix would be perfect for them. You, being a human, can also enjoy it.
Peach Ice: Fuzzy goodness! It's peaches and menthol, and a whole lot of deliciousness.
Candy Floss: The taste of sweet, tasty cotton candy, without having to go to a fair to get it. A great dessert-like flavor, for when you're missing the carnival scene.
Blueberry Lychee: It's an odd pairing, but a fantastic result! Sweet Lychee and Blueberries, as the flavor name implies.
Strawberry Kiwi: Another blend of interesting fruits, this time it's the sweet, slightly tart taste of Strawberries and Kiwi fruit!
Grape Ice: A straightforward classic. Fruity grape flavoring, with the cool follow-up of a menthol finisher. Doesn't get any simpler, (or tastier) than that.
Watermelon Ice: A delicious summer fruit, with a menthol buddy along for the ride. Sweet and cool, all at the same time.
Banana Pineapple: Two tropical fruits in one! Tasty bananas and succulent pineapple will make you feel like you're on an island adventure! ...One where you remembered to bring your vape with you.
Strawberry Mango: In the long-standing tradition of vapes having their flavors mixed with strawberry, there's the ever-popular combo of sweet, tart strawberry, and the bold, exotic flavor of delicious mangos.


1 x Vfun Disposable Vape