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Pluscig The:Z (P3) Heat not burn kit

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Temperature Control Heat not burn starter Kit

How to Use
1.Choosing cartridge
2. Select the temperature (You cannot change the temperature after the device starts heating)
3. Long press the fire button (around 3 seconds) and then release your hand after the vibration. The device will start heating. When the device vibrates again, the heating process completes and you can start smoking.
Smoking Time: 180~270 seconds( It will be displayed on the LED screen)
The vibration will remind you the ending of smoking process.
4.IFyou continue to smoke, restart the device with a new cartridge.

Product Parameters
Model: Pluscig P3
Size: 101*37*25mm
Material: Aluminum + High temperature resistant plastic
Input voltage: 5V
Output voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2150/2600mAh
Working: Insert cartridge, heating with low temperature
Heating time: The default time is 210s. The Adjustable heating time range is 180~270s.
Charging: Micro USB(Please choose a proper adapter)
Charging time: 2.5~3.5H
Protection: Low voltage protection;overcharging protection; short circuit protection
Heating rod: Heating rod works with constant temperature