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Notice:Shipping Way Update-- EU Express (No Custom IOSS Tax) Since 2021.08.01
Notice:Shipping Way Update EU Express (no custom tax)

Golisi Mothra 3IN1 Wireless Charger

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GOLISI Mothra 3IN1 Wireless Charger, the multifunctional charging device. It provide immediate power supply in our digitalized and always on-the-go life. As a 18650 battery charger: Load 18650 batteries and connect Mothra to power socket, LCD screen displays each battery's real-time charging " xx%" status by tapping the power button. The PD fast charging port supports max 3A input. As a wireless charger for smart phones: simply put your phone on top of Mothra, the blue frame light illuminates and Mothra starts charging. As an external power bank: with at least 2 fully charged 18650s inside, Mothra is a power bank for phones, Pads, vape devices etc.


Input: 5V,9V / Max 3A
Output:5V, 9V, 12V / Max 3A
Total Wattage: Max18W
Wireless Wattage: Max 10W
Connect Ports: a QC port and a PD (type-C) port
Case Materials: ABS + PC, fire proof, Working temperature: 0-40 Celsius


1* Mothra device
1* USB cable