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EFUN Affiliate

Welcome to!

Efun has prepared an Affiliate program for those people who want to earn a commission.

At first, the Affilate program is free to join.

Second, there is no minimum transaction sales amount for our affiliate. That means as long as the order is over $0.00, you will get the commission.

Third, you will get the commission from us. So it's suitable for independent people who want to earn extra money for themself.

So how to join Efun Affiliate Program?

1. Efun Affiliate Portal link is:

Open it and you will see the below page.

2. Click "Join Now", you will see the "Create Account" page.

Please create your Affilate account by using your Email address, Google account, or Facebook account.

3. After creating an account, you will in your Affilate HOME page.

In Home page, you will see the commission rate and your own discount code. The most important is the Referral Link. It's just like an entrance for you to earn the commission(Share it to your SNS). So please don't forget it.

Besides the Referral Link, you also can share the product link to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or WhatsApp.

4. Set your Affiliate account

Add your payment: You can choose PayPal as your payment method.

Click "Setup" and add your PayPal account.

Finally "Submit" it.

Update your profile: You can update your profile such as Name, Phone Number, or custom your own Referral Code.

That's all for join us! After finish the above steps, then you can start your business.

Notice before join us:

Commission will be calculated after deducting the total discount, shipping cost, and taxes.

We will adjust the commission rate to 2% if the order is placed by our Wholesale & VIP Wholesale customers.

③ We may change the commission rate if we have promotion sales on holidays.

④ Give commission only for new customers. That means this customer has never bought anything from store.

⑤ The rules is created by

Want to know more Affiliate?

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If you have any problem, please contact us!