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COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Welcome to!

As we all known that COVID-19 outbreak in the world, so we prepare the prevention policy for you.

Safe Problem:

1, Products will be disinfected when it's packaged, please rest assured to buy it.
2, When the package delivered successfully, it's better to wear the mask to go the local post office to pick up it. Maybe some places are not allowed to go out now, but whatever you through which ways to get the package, please keep a certain distance from other people even your relatives or neibors.
3, Please don't rub your eyes with your hands when you are go out.
4, Please wash your hands, eyes, and face at the first time when you back to home. It's very important.

Shipping Problem:

1, Our store still open and operate as usual.
2, We still can ship to most countries, but due to flights are decreased, the package will be a little delayed.
3, If the package has been returned or lose, we can resend or refund(Full Refund).

If you have any unsure problem, please contact us directly:! Hope you and your family will be fine!