The Lemo 2 is the advance version of the well-known Lemo series atomizers due to its new innovative design of a side e-liquid fill hole and the use of PEEK(the well-known high heat and corrosion resistance material) of insulating piece. Vaping becomes safer and more stable, and no more needs of detaching the atomizer during refilling. The fill process becomes easier and leakage can be avoided. The inheritance of RBA head also maximizes the fun of DIY experience and could bring cloud vapor production for you.

Length: 76.2mm
Diameter: 22mm
Liquid Capacity: 3.8ml
Rated Resistance Range: ≥0.3Ω

(Default configurations: )
Resistance of the Pre-made Coil: 0.5Ω
Diameter of the coil: 0.5mm


The tank comes packed in a good quality cardboard box, and inside you will find the fully assembled Lemo, a detailed manual, a keychain screwdriver with a flat head at one side and a Philips head at the other,  a bag of cotton for wicking, some Kanthal wire and a bag with two extra screws and extra O-rings.  It has an outer diameter of 23mm and a total weight of about 60 grams.

eleaf_lamo2Taking it apart, we can find a standard stainless steel drip tip that can be replaced with your personal favorite if you don’t fancy the taste of metal in your mouth, the unscrewable  base with 510 connection and an adjustable pin, a top cap that can be unscrewed, the Pyrex glass tank, the top part of the chimney that can also be unscrewed, the bottom part of the chimney (also unscrewable) and finally the deck. The deck is similar to the one on the Kayfun, with the two posts (positive and negative) but with a bigger air hole.

Once you unscrew the 510 base, you can see the refill port, an adjustable pin if by any chance you own an eVic Supreme and want to use the Lemo as a hybrid, and the airflow control system. Yes, the tank has adjustable airflow control, but it’s kind of weird to operate because you need to use the screwdriver in order to push on one of the two notches in the ring surrounding the hybrid pin.

Building a coil on the Eleaf Lemo is not very complicated and with all the online guides and tutorials, it can be a perfect pick for a beginner looking to get his hands dirty for the very first time. It took us around 12 minutes to build and adjust, we used the cotton that came with the tank, mounted the bottom part of the chimney, saturated the wicking with a few drops of Chai Latte e-liquid, and mounted the whole unit together again. To refill it with e-liquid you need to unscrew the port on the bottom side and use a bottle with a very thin dripper. Once you’re done, you put the screw back on, mount the tank on your mod and you’re ready to puff.