WINTEL Cartridge Kit  is a luxury Lamborghini appearance AIO starter kit with 24K gold vacuum plated surface. Its ideas come from the Italian royal designers and structure is completed by a number of top industrial design masters. EIF Rambo kit consists of 4ml replaceable cartridge and 700mAh build-in polymer tungsten battery. It not only adopts a 5 clicks fire button with easy operation but also features automatic air switch so you don't need to press any button when vaping. Together with easy filling design, 1.5ohm coil head and unique blue technology light, WINTEL Rambo will bring you an amazing vaping with a cool feeling. This pack includes 25pcs Cartridges and one EIF Rambo Kit. 

Price: $99.99


4ml Replaceable Cartridge and 700mAh Build-in Polymer Tungsten Battery
Luxury Lamborghini Appearance with 24K Gold Vacuum Plated Surface
Product design ideas from the Italian royal designers.
Product built structure completed by a number of top industrial design masters 
Product tech-extension by LV luggage hardware supplier
Filling the atmosphere with the nobility of Rambo elves 
5 clicks fire button and automatic air switch
Low voltage/overcharge/long suction overtime protections
Blue technology light with cool feeling


Size: 104.5 x 40 x 14.3mm
Capacity: 4ml
Heating Wire Material: Nickel-chromium Alloy
Heating Wire Resistance: 1.5ohm
Bttery Capacity: Built-in 700mAh (Polymer tungsten battery)
Flue-cured Tobacco Type: Mellow Rich
Mixed Type: Fragrant and Vigorous
Cartridge Color: Dark Purple


1x 25pcs Cartridges
1x FREE EIF Rambo Kit