RDTA was less popular at the end of 2016, but later Plenty of RDTAs are shown to the public again. Now, let’ me pick five RDTAs with some special features to introduce to you. And then show you some tips to use them.


Acctually there is not an unique definition of RDTA. I think there are two ways to say that. One is normally seen as the RDTA with tank, most of vapers use this type. The other one can be transformed to RBA. The atomizers I am going to say are involved this two types. Let’s talk about them one by one.

①Smoant Battlestar RDTA-4.5ml


The structure of Battlestar is very similar to Ijoy Limitless plus in the early time, While Battlestar has better seal. Above the champer is designed a special shape which brings bigger Cloud and optimal flavor. The color also goes well with its mod. 


Compared with other RDTAs, Serpent is specically designed in its structure of pressure plate electrode, Dual e-liquid holes of Ultem seal and the airflow of the middle part. The small chamber compresses the the cloud and produce richer flavor to vapers. The Serpent can be used with high wattage for a long time without the juice-guide issure, which brings excellent vaping experience and pleasant sensation of lug-absorb. That is to say, Serpent is a RDTA with juice-storage and the most important thing is no juice leaking.

③Augvape Merlin RDTA

We can see the designer paid much attention to the appearance of  Merlin. The logo, the net carving along the deck and the hollowed-out gilding carving inside the tank, are full of the original totem feelimgs. The juice hole is in the middle of electrode column and it can be sealed by the cap. There is one cotton hole on each side. It is challenging to refill the cotton in place because it may cause juice leaking.

The electrode colum with two columns and two holes , allows rebuilding wide complex coil. And the design of the airflow hole enriches the flavor of cloud.

Merlin RDTA is really an innovative one due to its delicate appearance and its unique inner structures. The distance of two eletrode columns is wider and the fix coil hole is also larger in size, so you will find that complex coil is more suitable to Merlin and it will maintain the good taste. But it is difficult for new guys to refill the cotton. 


I just metioned at first that one type of RDTA can be transformed to RDA because you can choose to install a tank or not. Also serveral options of the electrode columns can meet the need of intalling different kinds of coils.

NEW LIMITLESS RDTA looks simple without some fancy carving on it. The diameter is 25mm and it provides large room for different pattems of coil. But problems appear at the same time, the over-sized chamber can not compress the cloud well, so the vapers can only enjoy the the big cloud with lower wattage to win a fine experience of uising common coils and wires.

In short, NEW LIMITLESS is deserved to vapers to have great vaping experience except the leaking problem sometimes due to the seal issue.    


MAGE COMBO can also be transformed into RDA, but the way is a bit different from NEW LIMITLESS. You needs to remove the tank first before refilling the juice, then you can install the deck and chamber. It is not convenient to operate but avoiding juice-leaking.exclude the cotton problems). There is one airflow hole on the top, and the other one at the bottom. You can adjust the way of airflow through these two holes.

In short, MAGE COMBO is also a fine RDTA for vapers due to its stablity. Vapers can change the way of airflow to win better flavour. Also I think they will have fun with the tansformation as well.    


Next comes the tips to use the RDTAs. We can say that RDTA’s tank is not the tank of RTA. How so? First, If you use long cotton, it may be not easy to install the Atomizer. Second, the length of cotton will influence the speed of juice-leading. Third, the cotton waste the storage space of the tank. Moreover, it will cause juice waste because the left juice on the cotton can not be utilized.     

Therefore, The tank can be thought just like a portable juice storage system. The way to rebuild coils is the same as RDA. The only difference is to make the cotton foot longer to decrease the leaking problems. For RDA users, when you find little juice left, you can make the atomizer upside down to lead the the juice to the cotton foot. It costs only 2~3 seconds to provide enough juice to the coils.

Thanks for reading.