Flowermate SWIFT PRO. This vaporizer is ONLY designed for legal dry herb as an aroma therapy device, not for Tobacco use.

Price: $189.99


1. Full Convection Heating - Heated air rather than a heated chamber vaporizes your product.
2. Interchangeable Chamber Wall - Customize the material of your chamber with stainless steel or glass, to enhance your convection experience.
3. Isolated Heating Path - Airpath is isolated, eliminating any electronic taste.
4. Temperature Control - Single digit temperature control from 140°F -446°F or 60°C -230°C
5. USB charger - Charge on the go or at home with micro USB charging.


Size: 110mm*60mm*30mm
Capacity: 1ml
Battery capacity:1000mAh(18350-2S-7.4V)
Temperature range:140-446℉(60-230℃)


1x African Palisander Chamber Wall
1x South American Palisander Wall
1x Bamboo Chamber Wall
1x Borosilicate Glass Chamber Wall
5x Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
1x Packing Tool and Dabber
1x Loading Cap
1x Chamber Removing Tool
1x Cleaning Brush
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Warranty Information Card
1 User Manual