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Notice:Shipping Way Update-- EU Express (No Custom IOSS Tax) Since 2021.08.01
Notice:Shipping Way Update EU Express (no custom tax)

How to reactivate account?

Welcome to! We have updated our website with a new look. Orders placed before will be processing as usual, but we need to reactivate the account before your new journey. Following is the steps of reactivating your account, hope it can help you a lot.

Step 1: If you can NOT log in as the following situation, please contact to get a link of reactivating.

Step 2: Our customer service will send a "customer account activation" email to your mailbox. Open it and find the blue button of " Activate your account", click it!

Step 3: The page will refresh to the activate account page. Then please reset your password.

Step 4: If you succeeded, you will find your account information and orders. And our system will send a "Customer account confirmation" mail to you.

Awesome! You have reactivated your account already! Wish you a very good time in Efun!

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