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Notice:Shipping Way Update-- EU Express (No Custom IOSS Tax) Since 2021.08.01
Notice:Shipping Way Update EU Express (no custom tax)

Free Shipping and $3.00 Coupon From August 28 - September 4!

Welcome to!

How to use the Free Shipping and $3.00 Coupon?

Free Shipping:

1, Available Countries: US, DE, FR, GB, RU, JP

2, The order amount should over or equal $99.00(The product value), the weight should below 1KG.

3, If your order including the battery or liquid, then we will contact you for additional shipping cost(Battery need to use special shipping method, liquid located in the United States).

Note: If you can not enjoy the free shipping, please check the product value and the weight.


$3.00 Coupon:

1, Available Countries: Other countries(Except free shipping countries), such as CA, AU, AT, DK, HU, IT, MX, SA, PW, PY, SG, RO......

2, The order amount should over or equal $89.00(The product value).

3, The coupon code: THREED

Note: If you can not enjoy the coupon, please make sure that your shipping address is not from the US, DE, FR, GB, RU, or JP. If you still can not enjoy the coupon, please logout then have a try.


Valid Time: August 28th - September 4th

If you have a large order($500+), you also can contact us directly for a big discount!

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